Introductions Are In Order

So, one way or the other, you have been affected by my contributions to this Internetwork we have built. Not that they are much but the ripple must have been enough since you are here. Now let's start off with filling in a little background then cover a few highlights and that should do ya.



When I was a kid I grew up with my dad soldering on Color Computers (the era when you could physically mod computers) after going to robotics school but I didn't get really interested in computers myself till my mid-teens where I would write batch files on a notepad for fun. Even ended up being a part of a handful of kids maintaining & repairing the school's computers and, of course, involved with the Computer Club.

After graduating, I knew I didn't want to be just a boring programmer-type stuck in the back room solo and then come home & work on my own computer projects too. So I've had a wide variety of life experiences during my rotations around the sun but I've settled in and been working on making my niches a bit deeper which is why you're here now. 

Helping people and using technology to do that are my passions.


After experimenting around with a few Linux distros, in 2005, I ended up becoming very involved with the Puppy Linux community helping other users via forums and chat. It didn't take long before I got tired of repeating myself & started making a big dent in improving their original wiki. Ended up volunteering enough to get some admin privileges for a few things as well.

Spent more than a few years in telco customer service then really got some good depth in user experience after reaching top-tier level technical support where we were off the phones working tickets & outages as well as interfacing with over a dozen departments. We were the ones that pushed to make things happen on behalf of customers so being mindful of user experience is just second nature now.


Things ended well after that where I got adventurous and paired up with a pioneer of Internet marketing. Went through countless dreaming & scheming sessions, then being the second-most involved with a business acquisition, spinning up new websites & improving existing ones, also making the rounds of the local business community, and then what with a few missed opportunities, I realized it was time to start my own business. I like to provide help fixing or preventing technical issues so TechniSolutions (as in technical solutions) was simple enough with a good domain name to match.

Later an old friend hit me up about their websites being down & I fixed it in 15 after they briefed me. So a new recurring client formed & they ended up having me come on-board full-time to maintain their on-premise servers as well as their digital marketing.


I see no reason to cling to the relics of the past. They are either a  foundation or another level. How tall is your building?

Why are many so apathetic instead of endeavoring towards new things? Is their mind full or is it their belly?

So yeah, the point is, I like keeping up with the latest technology and as its turned out I've been working for companies that have been doing "firsts." Like, using 3G wireless for home Internet access + first 4G in the States and now first for HTTP/3 web server support + a CDN using their own software for unprecedented integration.

This article was updated on May 14, 2021

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