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If you were redirected here then its due to the impact of Hurricane Sally, since both website servers at 2 separate addresses located in the Pensacola, Florida area are without power and/or Internet. As soon as one of them is restored then the websites will back online starting with the non-local ones first.
All e-mails have stayed online although its difficult to access them remotely but the affected businesses will respond as soon as they can.
Voicemails will be returned soon as well but not as quickly since phone service is also affected.
Shipping operations have been halted in the region although should be resuming this weekend.
Thank you for your understanding!

Details & contact info

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WebsiteE-mailPhoneFacebookTwitterLinkedInWebsite Status
PLC 888-988-4323Facebook pageTwitterLinkedInRedirected 850-208-4990Facebook pageTwitterLinkedInRedirected
The Automation 888-283-3824N/AN/A Redirected 850-972-9118Facebook pageTwitterLinkedInNormal

local businesses: